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Cleaning and Care


The diapers are Italmami pocket model that should always be washed or inserts inside and outside the pant. They can be machine washed at a temperature of 40 ° O60 alternating cycle with that of synthetic cotton (but at least 1 hour and a half).

Absolutely forbidden to use fabric softener or bleach because "there were" ruining the tissues and reducing the absorptive properties.

You can safely use the detergent, preferably environmentally friendly. Subsidiaries that do not have the softening and usatene half a tablespoon for a washing machine for 15/16 diapers. The most natural, environmentally friendly and economical way to wash them is baking soda (3 tablespoons for 15/16 diapers) and white vinegar (1/2 cup into the tank softener).

But you should not abuse these 2 products.

In fact, both have corrosive properties and can eventually ruin the diapers.

It is advisable to first wash with baking soda every 3-4. If you want you can add a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender. Give a pleasant fragrance and sanitize the diapers. You can also use other natural essential oils to give fragrance. If your child gets wet after only an hour / hour and a half, it means that too much detergent has been used. In this case, do one / two washes with clean water at least 1 hour (you will notice the porthole 'washing machine that will form the foam. Indicates, in fact, that is left of the detergent in the tissues and that is why the diaper has lost 'absorption).

The new cloth diapers should be washed at least 3 times at 60 °:

the first wash with a little detergent, the other two only with water. It is not necessary to dry between one wash and the other, can make them consecutive.

The cloth diapers dirty you can put them in a waterproof bag or in a bin below. If the microfleece or bamboo diaper becomes soiled with poop can pass under the running tap water, all the excess slip away without any problems. You can also prepare a spray bottle with water and baking soda to use as a pre-treatment or soap. Although different colors, cloth diapers can be washed all together; diapers Italmami not lose color and not rimpiccioliscano. Can be centrifuged up to a maximum of 1000 rpm. (Being less humid drying will be faster).

In diapers with Velcro richiudete limpets so do not stick to each other.


The cloth diapers can also go dry, but not in the cycle of cotton: it's too hot!

Use the cycle for delicates. They can be placed on top of the radiators (inserts only, not the pants).

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